Safety is always
our top priority

At Allied Waste we are committed to high level service through safe operating methods, with a well-skilled and professional workforce that will meet all your onsite WHS regulations and requirements.

Our drivers are highly experienced, PPE uniformed and white card accredited with clear understanding of site risks.

Allied Waste Services has well documented operating procedures and manuals in place to ensure high quality and consistent service is provided.

Our modern fleet is maintained on manufacturer servicing guidelines and supported by local fleet support services.

We have cross skilled staff to ensure we meet our customer requirements on a daily basis.

Adelaide Resource

Allied Waste partners with Adelaide Resource Recovery (ARR) as the main waste receiving facility for Jurkovic Group. We have invested significantly and created dozens of SA jobs through our commitment to recycle Construction & Demolition waste into re-usable building materials.

ARR utilises the latest technology to separate waste streams. This allows a greater return for the reusable resources from waste. This reduces the drain on finite virgin resources.

ARR has a strong history of developing new products and finding new markets from its waste stream.

Resources recovered and converted to product during ARR’s three stage system include mulch, recycled plastics, packaging, RTP, rubble, sand and aggregate.

None of the material that is processed at ARR is incinerated or burnt, limiting Greenhouse gas emissions.

Our ongoing investment in continuous improvement has allowed for greater efficiency which in turn enables a better overall recycling rate. Currently 97% of all waste received is recycled and diverted from landfill.

The environment &

At Allied Waste we are committed to helping contribute to environmentally sustainable development in South Australia as we strongly believe in the preservation of the environment.

SA continues to lead the world in several areas of environmental sustainability and the Jurkovic Group has been part of that journey.

Until recent years construction and salvage demolition waste went directly to landfill. We now lead the movement to recycle this product.

Today, this “waste” provides the raw materials for an economically efficient and environmentally-friendly recycling sector.

Over time we have seen the emergence of new industries as waste streams continue to be sorted and refined.

New markets continue to evolve for products which previously have not been considered recyclable.

These will make further contributions towards building a genuine circular economy in SA.

Community & social

Allied Waste’s approach to managing the safety of staff, customers and the general public, as well as the quality and environmental outcomes of a project, has been developed in line with applicable ISO and Australian Standards.

Allied Waste hire locally and use local suppliers wherever possible. We are an equal opportunity employer who believes in diversity.

We believe that our approach will lead to:

  • Better customer interaction
  • Better environment for all
  • Better business outcomes for all stakeholders.